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Part of what is possibly the best hook-up line for Jews ever!

replaces: is really
Guy- Hey you must be jewish, cause you is'raeli hot! Wanna go out some time?
Girl-Yeah, who can resist a phrase like that?!
by sportsdude88 February 21, 2010
A period of time when you have just finished watching a 3D movie and still have the special 3D glasses on. When you are in the 3D zone you forget that the 3D glasses are still on and that you are not watching a movie any more. Whenever you see something you are in awe, forgetting that what you're seeing is acually a real
3 dimensional object, not a special form of animation.
-Wow was that movie incredible or what?! Everything looked so real. I thought that I could actually touch the things on the screen!
-Yeah it was pretty cool.

Steps out of theater...

-Whoa!!! Look!!!! These glasses make everything look so 3D!!! I think I can actually touch this door and open it.
-Yeah... you can. It's not the glasses, you can actually touch it you know.
-Look how crisp and detailed everything is!!!!!!!
-Uh oh. Looks like you're trapped in the 3D Zone. AGAIN!
by sportsdude88 March 16, 2010
A secret form of manipulation commonly used by 4-14 year olds to get what they want. They often use this after receiving bad news, going to do or have just done something hard, or after doing something good. They use pitty as a good excuse to buy or do something that they would normally not be able to do or buy otherwise.
-Moooommmmmm, the dentist really hurt!!! Can we go to the toy store?
-Please........... It really hurts...............Owwwww.......

2 minutes later

-I'm sorry for being so annoying.... I'm over it....Owwwww.
-Would you stop trying to get me to do pitty purchasing. And we didn't even go to the dentist, you got a haircut.
by sportsdude88 March 16, 2010
A state of being shocked and/or confused.
-What are you doing?
-I don't know!
-Stop, you don't know how to do anything?!
-Nice, you ruined it!
by sportsdude88 April 03, 2010
A mental state or place (imaginary or real) where guys go when something bad is happening or if one does not want to deal with something or someone.
-I can't stand him!
-Same here, he's a real pain, right?
-Yeah, but what can we do to get rid of him?
-Don't worry bro, if we just go to a guyland he won't be able to bother us there.
by sportsdude88 June 01, 2010
Someone who will buy anything, no matter how dumb or useless, just because of the brand or company it's made by.
-Hey check out my new iBag.
-The iBag? You're not serious...
-What?! This thing is the future!!!
-It's a plastic bag with an apple logo on it.
-Your point?
-You're a total brandie!!!
by sportsdude88 March 15, 2010

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