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the are bettween the anus and genitals of a person, the term fleshy fun bridge is the literal translation of what the soiux tribe called this area.
he spent all night tickling my fleshy fun bridge
by sporks forever June 28, 2009
Distributed pattern matirial, so technicly any sort of printed fabric, but its really used to discribe camoflage.

some of you may think it stands for damp proof membrane, which it sort of does, but also dosent.
Dude 1: Dude, did you forget your combat jacket?

Dude 2: yeah, im just gonna stand behind you and hope he dosent notice that im only wearing an anorack in DPM.
by sporks forever June 22, 2009
alternative to lol.
usually a lazierway of saying it, also asociated with the work bleh.
Dude 1: lol check out his hat

Dude 2: blolb.
by sporks forever June 28, 2009

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