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a breed of seagulls that carry the rare yet debilitating disease dumbus fuckus.
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by spoonie g May 14, 2004
The exclamation of Shogun Knights as they decapitated an enemy.

*Was also used to summon a Geisha to wash one's feet.


My feet stanks!
by spoonie g May 14, 2004
The belief in a higher power. In practice, can be used to instill a moral nature in a people, but when misused is more dangerous than nuclear power.

example: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism, etc.
"Religion is the problem, not the solution."

"Religion helped me discover myself."
by spoonie g June 30, 2004
more than that which is typically described as "a few"; several.
"If I could just get a couple few o dem gerbils in mah ass."
by spoonie g May 14, 2004
The street name of Derek Lowe, the #2 Boston Red Sox pitcher
Since Pedro pitched last night, we be's bustin out D-LOW on the Yanks tonight.
by spoonie G November 18, 2003
1. Male homo sapien who collects money from females that perform sexual acts for monetary payment (see whore).

2. Male homo sapien who has good success in accumulating a large number of sexual partners, sometimes but not always through playing upon said female's insecurities.
1. "Bitch, give me my money!"

2. "So...... Wanna get drunk?"
by spoonie g June 30, 2004

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