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4 definitions by spong

a suitably comedically incompetent controller of muppets
the sven goran ericcson what a fucking muppeteer
by spong May 02, 2003
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secretive creatures of which the only visible evidence is the scuff marks they leave on the inside of your keks
'fucking hell look at the skidmarks in them keks you dirty arsed cunt'
'wern't me mate, 'twer't arsebadgers'
by spong May 02, 2003
4 2
a situation during which something, having started off quite promisingly decends inevitably into farce and acrimony...
'oooerr, it's all gone a bit siouxnation hasn't it?'.
by spong May 02, 2003
0 3
Refers to the Episcopal Church, an organization of agnostics and former Catholics who like to take coffee and donuts after their Sunday meetings. Assuming they're not out playing golf.
The Episcopal Church is Catholic-lite!
by Spong September 18, 2005
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