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2 definitions by spokeydokey

A blanket term to describe any person originating from the Indian sub-continent. Usually derogatory, although in some cases it may be affectionate (but facetious). Interchangeable with the longer version 'gupta'.
Upon spotting a person of said race: "Gupt Ahoy!"
Or a number of in quick succession: "Gupt O'Clock!"
by spokeydokey July 14, 2006
A nickname given to a person who through generally oafish, apish and neanderthal-like behaviour appears almost to be mentally retarded. As would be expected a social ineptitude accompanies this. A wonderfully agile mind may well be hiding beneath the surface but the outward appearance and demeanour means the recipient would not seem out of place pushing themselves along in a wheelchair, wearing a safety helmet and screeching at the top of their voice: "WHEEEELS!"
After meeting such a person: "Is wheels autistic?"
Or after going out for dinner: "Why does wheels eat like a caged beast?"
On a night out: "Look at wheels dance, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!"
by spokeydokey July 14, 2006