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Any part of a company (i.e. campus, complex, building, floor, or cubicle area) that has a high concentration of corporate babes.
ex1. Man, my first day at Google was great, but I sit with a bunch of engineers on the main campus. I wish my office was over in the honeyplex where all the hot girls in marketing work.

ex2. Dude, let's go have lunch at the honeyplex today, I'm sure we'll see a ton of babes there.

ex3. The honeyplex of any company almost always coincides with where the sales team works.
by spokentoken December 08, 2009
1. Pleasure derived from one's own misfortune.
ex1. Man, your girlfriend dumped you over a year ago! You really have to stop all that autoshadenfreude and get back in the game.

ex2. So you got a B- on that calculus midterm? Quit your autoshadenfreude and work harder next time.

ex3. Stop listing all the negative personality traits of your tennis partner. Just because she doesn't want to date you, doesn't me you have to envelop yourself in autoschadenfreude.
by spokentoken December 08, 2009

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