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A form of artwork that involves putting ink under your skin.

most people see it as ugly work while others see it as a part of individuality.

Most people regret getting tattoos because they were a quick 3 second decision while others who take time to plan them will love seeing the piece everyday.

Something that shifts when you get older but considering the amount of detail and care provided will not become a blotch of multi-colored skin.

Something that rarely be considered conformity. Tattooing is art and there is an infinite amount of ideas designs and creativity to dispel "sheep following". Basically unless you're getting flash (any random picture on a tat shop's wall) that everyone you know has you're not following anyone.

It is a serious form of art work and should be carefully thought about.
basic conservative dumb ass: anyone who gets a tattoo is being a conformist and will regret it after it's done

Basic spontaneous ink victim: I did love my butterfly tattoo when i first got it done but now i'm tired of looking at it.

Me: I love the star on my arm. It represents my daughter and it's comforting to see it everyday and know that she's a part of me

My daughter: dad i don't want to get a tattoo.
(response) it's your body and your choice.
by spoken_2 January 02, 2009

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