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Very similar to the blumpkin dip tower of doom, the Shmear spit tower of discharge has some minor changes:

Two women and one man in a port-o-potty,

One female sits on toilet and shits while the man eats her box,

The other female stands behind the man and quad finger bangs his poophole,

Both females then hack phlegm (the thick mucus secreted in the respiratory passages and discharged through the mouth) onto the male participants back.
While this fantastic orgy is occuring, both females hold one hand as high as they can to emulate the Space Needle.

When both females are done ejaculating, it is encouraged to leave the boy laying in the port-o-john and walk away.
Elaine: "Yo that sloppy boy is laying fetal in the grass! Let's go draw on him!!"
Leigh: "Fuck that there's a portopotty, let's Shmear spit needle of discharge the shit out of him"

Elaine: "You always come up with the best ideas, I'll meet you in there, gotta grab the finger lube."
by spitneedle August 19, 2012

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