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A fourteen year old boy who believes he will never get married and instead drinks beer all his life. He plans on having around fourty pitbulls that eat Spinster women's cats. He also most likely has a beer belly which is not too pleasant.
Ronnie: Hey man, get up off of your plaid couch and lets go clubin!!

Ross: Naah, id rather just sit here and drink beer. Its better for me to embrace my beerster-ness fate now instead of later.
by spinster jess March 30, 2008
Any rubbing, tickling or kissing of your significant other's earlobe.

not particularly appropriate while other people are in the room. It makes for an akward situation.
Cameron:(lobes jessica).

Jessica: ahh stop lobing me! my little sister's sitting like right there. akward much!?
by spinster jess April 13, 2008

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