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a really good snide remark at someone
wow, that talk show host is really snarkalicious with paris.
by Spin Sycle April 28, 2006
a toxic sort of coworker who makes snide remarks to you in an effort to make you feel inadequate, usually out of jealousy.
the office sniper told the girl to watch herself with her boss when in reality, the boss really liked how the girl was performing.
by Spin Sycle May 05, 2006
snark + narcotic, applied as an adjective
D-listed is snarcotic, I can't stop reading it.
by Spin Sycle April 28, 2006
Teenage girls, typically 13 or 14 who hang out at the mall all the time and think they are HOT!
Dude, the mallstitutes are out in full force on the weekends.
by spin sycle October 06, 2006
that wad of one dollar bills you get in change or have in your wallet, often used to tip strippers.
Ed only had a twenty dollar bill to pay for the cigarettes he was buying and the cashier gave him back some stripper chow for change.
by Spin Sycle October 30, 2007
Also christyrranical. Any Christian who refuses to listen to outside religious views, rejects that any other lifeway or worldview could exist, that he/she is utterly and completely right about religion.
Mike wouldn't listen to Bob about Buddhism, instead Mike acted like a total christyrant. How Christyrannical of him.
by spin sycle December 22, 2006
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