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Mass effect was published by bioware and is a great game, rpg
Boy: omg MASS effect IS THE BEST RPG-Roleplaying game EVER!
by spike l April 11, 2008
Bioware is a great game producing company, that produced the great game called MassEffect, a strategy based rpg where u are Commander Shepard Of the Ship Normandy
BioWare is the best game producer out there dont u think?
by Spike L April 12, 2008
a horrible novel, that used by english teachers to demorilize kids/adults into thinking that singing when the national anthem is playing is wrong.
boy#1: did u read that book in english called Avi: Nothing but the truth?
boy#2: yes and i had to go to the hospital to get a tumor removed after reading because it gave me cancer
by Spike L April 01, 2008
from soulcaliber 1,2&3, before he was nightmare,he was know as the holy knight sigefriend but before sigefriend could destroy the unholy sword the sword told him to pick it up and use it to track down the one who killed his father,so he did and nightmare takes over when ever siegefriend is sleepin
boy:omg Nightmare is so Fuking kick ass on soulcaliber 1,2&3!
by Spike L April 04, 2008
paramour is a achievement for completeing the romace chapter in Mass Effect, A great bioware game.
boy: wow i just got the achievement for completeing the romance subplot its called Paramour awsome!
by Spike L April 26, 2008
A game made by BioWare, a Ea Partnership company. It takes place in the future and you get to play the role as Commander Shepard. It is a lesser of Mass effect #1, It is also a sequel to Mass Effect
'Wow I just Got Mass Effect 2 and they changed the ammo from infinite to finite!? How could they?' exclaimed the boy
by Spike L September 26, 2010

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