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Someone who barely gets paid and takes her/his anger on people (students).
1. My teacher gave me tons of useless homework for the weekend. What a bitch!

2. How did i end up being a teacher??!!! Even a cop and a janitor make more money than me! I'm gonna take my anger on those little motherfuckers! Tons of homework for the weekend!!! Hahahahaha (evil laugh) hahaha...

by spiderkarnage July 25, 2011
lil wayne is a person who is awarded for being a crackhead, trashy and a criminal.
Most of the people in my school are lil waynes of life.
by spiderkarnage July 23, 2011
Michael Jackson wannabe/clone.

Chris Brown wannabe/clone. (lol)

After Chris Brown "died" (lol), they tried to replace him with Jason Derulo and then Justin Bieber. He dances and kinda looks like Chris Brown.
Person: Chris Brown's career is over, let's find another Michael Jackson clone!

Person 2: Jason Derulo looks like him. Let's take advantage of Chris Brown's death and cash in.

Me: Oh no, another Michael Jackson wannabe! When will it end?
by spiderkarnage July 25, 2011
Jeans were design for men only. (?) In the past pants/jeans were meant for men only not women, women were supposed to wear skirts... long skirts. lol

So women are the ones wearing men's clothing by wearing skinny jeans. lol

People are a bunch of hypocrites. lol
Tool #1: Skinny jeans are for girls.

Tool #2: I find it funny coming from a guy who wears pink shirts and earrings.

Tool #1: There's nothing wrong with men wearing pink clothes, rapper wear pink too. I don't care what you think. Whatever! I have to go get my body tan, can't waste my time with you.

Tool # 2: ...
by spiderkarnage July 27, 2011
A place filled with nerds, cosplayers, weirdos and fat ugly people.
I feel so ugly, i'm gonna go to Comic-Con to recover my self esteem. Next to those people i'm gangsta!
by spiderkarnage July 23, 2011

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