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the steek is a rare breed populating mainly in Belfast. These steeks are firm "m8s like da fok" with the spides. they enjoy nothing more than 2 go around thinking they are "ard like da fok" and terrorising the local population. They wear sprots attaire and drink cheap cider such as magners, bulmers or they are increasingly moving towards "Silver WKD LIKE DA FOK MATE" they are rarely seen to drink beer as this is seen as being a "wanker"

All steeks shoul be burnt alive then their smoking carcuses should be urinated on...

And teh worst of it is these steeks spides live off the tax payers money so indirectly the common had working citizen is funding these bastards wkd fueled riots!!!!!!!!!!!
Eddie Ginn and his cap crew.
Four Winds Bastards Ryan Scully and his wanker mates.
Castlereagh Road inhabitants in general.
And any other Council estates such as killynure.
by spide hater March 21, 2005

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