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jocks, waste their time thinking that they will someday be a professional footballer without actually bothering to try in games or anywhere off the school team.

they are big headed, arrogant and often chavy. they only hang around with other jocks and chavs. they pick on the younger years in school (such as year sevens and year eights). they tend to be year 10s or 11s and think they rule high school (middle school for USA) (wake up call they don't)! they walk around getting in peoples way and ignoring them, making it very difficult to get through the hall ways! they are often late for form as they have been hanging around on the school field not necessarily playing sport. they only date cheerleaders or plastics.

they wear chavy clothes or school colors and can be like the chavs violent.
music wise they tend to like pop music and rap and cannot imagine a time past 2005 producing any good music and therefor banishing good bands from there play lists from as early as the year 2000

jocks tend not to aspire to anything after high school and tend to work in a department store or more likely in the local corner shop because the small amount a physical talent they had was wasted with not enough practise and they were relying on that talent to get a good job so have not bothered with their school work so it would be better to just stay away from them!
teacher: who wants to aspire to anything in later life

*most put their hands up*

teacher: OK then, who does not know what aspire means

*jocks put their hands up and then go back to texting*
by spethy1 July 13, 2010

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