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2 definitions by speedygoblin

Generally a sexy swedish american with blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves meatballs and has a fat cat. She likes to wear shirts backwards because she thinks it looks cooler that way, but it doesn't. She likes grass and hates sand. She is scared of fish.
At the beach in California: EMELIE STOP! Don't come in the water, I see a fish!
by speedygoblin June 18, 2011
A Fessal is a guy who is extremely yo. The way he walks is so yo. He is usually a mix of 34567 nationalities.
Erwin: OMG did you see that guy? He is SO yo.
Carl: Yeah I heard he's a Fessal and he's from America, Russia, England and Saudi Arabia!
by speedygoblin June 18, 2011