18 definitions by speedy

What Margaret thinks is a good idea to jump up and say at the end of every college semester.
by speedy January 21, 2003
The pimpest Cell phones on the planet. You can call, two-way radio, or two-way. Usually going beep beep.
Damn your always getting beeped on your Nextel.
by Speedy October 21, 2003
some other cunt's kid.....s,o,c,k.
a women with a child or children to another man.
you should lose that skanky ho her sock is causing you nothing but trouble.
by speedy July 03, 2004
huge scary eyes that make me want to kill myself.
I know a girl with bug eyes, so does Jezca.
by speedy January 21, 2003
the act of sexual congress between two smurfs
Took her in the parking lot. She smurffed me
by Speedy November 01, 2003
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