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The act of twittering. In the process of twittering. Often applied to those who twitter on a constant basis.
OMG. Ever since Brian found out about twitter he's been twitterbating all the time.

Me? I'm just twitterbating right now. What are you up too?
by spectreU98 June 29, 2009
The act of sneaking cans/bottles of beer into a party, sports event, concert, casino, etc. Typically, the most common way of sneaking in "homework" is via backpack but purses, handbags, fanny packs, and more are acceptable too. The individual beer is referred to as "pages" of an essay. Each beer is a page. The name in front of "homework" is generally that of the person transporting the cans/bottles of beer.
Hey, can I get another page of James' "homework"?

I'm about half way done with this page.

Ok guys, thanks for all the help but I've only got another two pages of homework left. Anyone else want to help?
by spectreU98 June 29, 2009

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