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11 definitions by spectralux

A person adept at playing life's little games to get what they want. Definately NOT using any sociological imagination.
"That lawyer dresses so sharp, wow, but he's a fuppet"
by spectralux November 17, 2009
vapid mule, as in he is the middle man for coolness, not an administer-er of it...he is simply a product of cool,
part of the masses...a mule
this vapid mule stole my strange asymmetrical haircut right from under my powdery nose!
by spectralux November 17, 2009
tiny phallic symbol...one that is obviously representing a small erection
the seattle space needle certainly is not shallic in its delivery
by spectralux November 22, 2009
Someone who takes their job waaaay to seriously. Especially in retail. They like corporate arse.
These Candy Lickers want me to wear 5 pieces of flair!
by spectralux November 25, 2009