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A person that follows trends mindlessly or dressing and acting like a douchebag. A dickhead. mindless idiot.
That douchebag wearing the pink polo-shirt with the "popped" collar, gold chain, and the sunglasses inside the bar is a grade A toolbot!

That toolbot sure is jumping on the douchewagon dressing like that. is that his dads pants hanging down to his knees?
by specialedge December 05, 2010
upon following some trends that should not be followed one is jumping on the douchewagon!

bandwagon for douchey behavior.
a while back when the douchecrew guys would wear the sunvisors (you use to see at the dollar store for the old people) upsidedown and backwards making them look like toolbots? anybody dressing like that was jumping on the douchewagon. I think it is safe to say that "popped" collars on polo-shirts falls into the same category.
by specialedge December 02, 2010
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