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4 definitions by spease

A resident of Jamestown who spends most of their time skating and smoking. Boys and girls alike most often have a head of long, unbrushed hair and consider swimming in the ocean as good as taking a shower. It is not uncommon for one to wear the same clothes for multiple days at a time but are most recognized for their likeability, dispite their appearance. Almost all jamestowners own longboards and spend their days bombing hills or cliff jumping at Fort Wetherill. After graduating 8th grade from Jamestown School, students go on to NKHS where they are realized to be at least 1000% cooler than kids from NK. Because of this factor, North Kingstown residences often find themselves making friends from Jamestown so they can come to the island and pretend to be awesome. NK kids who visit Jamestown have been known to call themselves Jamestownies in feeble attempts to fit in. This often leads to corruption among visitors and soon everyone from out of town is referring to Jamestowners as Jamestoners. All in all, Jamestowners are a very fine breed of chill, down to earth kids who are otherwise described as the epidemy of cool.
Jamestowner: "Let's go bomb some gnar hills at Wetherill, then we can swim at Dutch and go eat at Fred's."
by spease September 10, 2006
Someone who wishes they lived in Jamestown.
"Yo guys, look at me, I'm a Jamestownie too!"
by spease September 10, 2006
Best place to bomb hills and cliff jump in Rhode Island. Located in Jamestown.
"We're going to Fort Wetherill to cliff-jump."
by spease September 10, 2006
a popular dance done by the brennan children that consists of flailing limbs slightly off time to one hit wonders of the once liked pop culture music genre.
"erin, put on some fanking crimping music!"
by spease September 10, 2006