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1. Oklahoman friends of a non-Oklahoman.
2. A group of friends in/from Oklahoma.
3. People from Oklahoma pretending to be "street."
"What are you doing for the Fourth of July?"
"Gonna go down to Edmond, hang out with my Oklahomies!"
by speaklouderthan April 21, 2007
The term coined for combination Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts franchise stores usually open 24-hours. Term popularized in Mundelein, IL but spreading throughout the North Shore. Often a late-night hangout for people aged eighteen and under, but sometimes visited by college kids who are on their school vacations.
"There's nowhere in this town to go this late."
"Well, there's always Baskin Donuts."
"Yeah, I guess I can handle another sundae."
by speaklouderthan March 31, 2007
1. A drug addict from Oklahoma.
2. A person who does drugs only when in Oklahoma.
"Hey, did you meet that girl Melissa at the frat party? She's cool; she's from Tulsa."
"Dude, no way, she's totally Coklahoma."
by speaklouderthan April 21, 2007
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