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The study of female mammary glands. Main disciplines of the subject involve observations on suppleness, size, and shape.
Yao: What are you thinking of majoring in?
Joe: Right now I'm thinking sociology, but I hear priscology is a very interesting subject.

Son: Daddy, what exactly is your job?
Dad: Son, I'm a priscologist, I've wanted to be one since I was young. Are you interested in becoming like Daddy?
by speakerboxgirl December 09, 2010
A drink, invented at Princeton University by a priscologist, that looks remarkably similar to janitor water with its greenish hue. Such a concoction involves filling 1/5 of the glass with root beer, 3/5 with blue Powerade, and 1/5 with Sprite.
Joe: Hey, I'm going to grab some drinks, anyone want anything?
Bob: Yea, I'll get a janitor water. Thanks.

Girl: Ewwww, what is that? Why would you drink that?
Guy: It's called janitor water, it's too manly for you.
by speakerboxgirl January 19, 2011

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