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a girl so ugly and hideous that normal words cannot describe her so you must resort to referring to her in the terms of manatee or some water elephant type creatures
i saw john last night heading home from the club with that seadonkey. man he must have been wasted!
by spc diggins October 15, 2007
a miltary word for dick, or to degrade someone
you have asthma because you drink through a meat straw jack.
that guy loves the meat straw.
by spc diggins October 15, 2007
used with primarily army personnel to describe a particularly retarded action or comeback by another soldier
can also be used in a west virginia type context to describe being from a primarily "straight" family tree.
timothy says the classic comeback of "your momma" and gets the response "your effingham" which shuts him up.
by spc diggins October 14, 2007

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