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An insulting name for a black person. Similar to 'Nigger'.
Black man: "What's up homie?"
White man: "Can't you coons talk proper English?"
Black man: *Shoots White Man*
by spartan69er September 29, 2005
A founding member of blink-182 and THE best bass player in the world.
Young bass guitar learner: "Damn I wish I could be as good as Mark Hoppus!"
Experienced Bass player: "You can try son, you can try...
by spartan69er October 02, 2005
A condom. Used to protect against AIDS and HIVs during sex.
Man: I wish I wore a french letter at the prom.
by spartan69er April 03, 2006
Short for Cock Tease. Plural: CT's or Cock Teases. A woman that screws with your mind by getting you sexually aroused (eg. grinding againt you) and then rejecting you when you want to take it further. Can result in a case of blue balls if severe enough.
Man 1: Dude, this chick was all over me then totally bailed when I wanted head!
Man 2: Damn CT's man.
by spartan69er April 03, 2006

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