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a high school formerly known as "cornfield high" is now populated with stuck up rich kids from ashburn, virginia (known as cashburn, where the phrase "if you're not rich, you're not welcome" is heard) who don't have to pay for anything because their parents practically own a small country. broad run is full of teachers who are well in their 50s, if not older, and have most likely gone to and graduated from the school itself. although broad run is known to kick ass in every sport possible (now that stone bridge has gone to AAA), they are also known as possibly the worst football team in not only loudoun county, but the entire state of virginia. while some broad run spartans believe they are in "the hood" by calling ashburn, virginia "a-town" or "the 'burn", we all know they wouldn't last two seconds if they were actually in the hood. while most broad run students come to school in their pimped out BMWs, SUVs or whatever car that costs the amount of a small home, some students aren't as fortunate and can only drive cars that are less in cash and more affordable for them, such as a mustang. however, broad run is not just full of rich kids who are good at sports and have fancy cars, it also has it's fun events such as homecoming where the lights are almost all the way on, the ever so popular snowball dance which about two people attend, the pep-rallies that about half the school goes to and doesn't pay attention, and then prom where parents spend thousands of dollars for something that lasts about 3 hours. when entering spartan territory, beware of the famous spartan head which has been there since the school opened back in 1967. if stepped on, you will be forced to clean it with only a toothbrush, however, that is only if you are a freshman or outsider. broad run is a school where everybody knows everybody, including their business. you have to be careful what you say but be more cautious about who you are friends with. cliques are obvious, and your lives are made a living hell if you're a slut, bitch, or even worse....if you're a freshman.
broad run high school can and will kick your ass if necessary.
by spartan student August 28, 2006

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