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This term refers to those who are so engrossed and utterly obsessed specifically with any form of military cadets (or perhaps any youth organisation) that they fail to think or say anything not about cadets. There are 12 levels of "guyness" which rank all cadets or youth organisation members from very unenthusiastic to sucking-off instructor just to gain favour. Cadet guys are usually single-minded individuals who only look to gain promotion and uphold prestige of unit for personal satisfaction. high level guys like to enforce their rank on others for ego boosts and will often use the word regalia. cadet guys are gimps
sampson said to the cadet commander: "i will do anything to become an officer"
cadet commander: "anything? you're such a cadet guy! down on your knees!"
sampson: "why thankyou sir!"
by spartacus the windowdresser February 11, 2010

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