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me. cute, blonde, wears abercrombie and hollister and forever 21. we say like, and oh my gosh (true valley girls do NOT say oh my god...no way) all guys love valley girls because they THINK we are oblivious, and easy but we arent. valley girls are usually blonde and cute and they usually hate the valley and hate being called a valley girl even tough i am one hehe
like oh my gosh

oh yea that song valley girl by frank zappa is so cool hehehe
by sparemejust3lastword July 19, 2005
this goes to those who say she has no talent and does nothging...well first off she has a book, clothing line, dog clothing line, perfume, jewelry line, she is an actress, model, and singer....second off what do those poeple who talk shit about her do? sit on thier fat asses and write shit about soemone who is perfect bec ause they are extremely jealous of paris. paris isnt too skinny nor too fat, she has a cute face, cute smile, great fashion sense...she isnt white trash and whats ever better about her is that she makes alot of money by playing dumb on the simple life...play dumb, get money....its really an art. who ever makes fun of her just cant except the fact that she is gorgeous, fun, cute, and rich and they arent any of those things. girls that make fun of paris are usually brunette ewww (i'm criticized as a blonde so i can criticize SOME brunettes), fat, are so desperate to be popular they save up money for months just to buy a nasty dooney and burke bag because they are too poor, and they usually have such low self esteem they make fun of her to make then selves feel better. Guys that make fun of Paris are probably ugly, poor, and extremely extremely dumb. And everyone knows that Carls Jr. commercial is sooo hott! and when some one can answer me what other heiresses work as much as paris (besides nicky) then i will believe that Paris has no talent.
the two most awesome words in rthe english language....

by sparemejust3lastword July 19, 2005

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