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a man who is a wimp and will not give money to his baby mama.
this dude humped some chick, then boned the hell outta there... now she gots a kid and he ain't givin her nuttin. he's a deadbeat MF dad
by spanky July 10, 2003
another word referring to lesbian; carpet muncher; dyke; muff diver
sara and catherine are flat cockers
by SpAnKy December 07, 2003
something indians say, to indicate they have played a joke on you, whether or not you were fooled. most likely, you weren't fooled and you are explaining to them why they are so stupid.
also may be used with BLENG
indian: hey fok, yer shoes untied!
me: well, no acutally they aren't untied. I am ACTUALLY wearing sandles, which are simply slip-on and have no need to be..
indian: JARD!!!!!
by spanky July 10, 2003
Small rodent-like animal found on Rottnest Island, just of the coast of West Australia. They tend to trash hotel rooms if you leave the door open.
That quokka just tipped over the bin! Catch it!!!
by Spanky May 28, 2003
when playing any card game where you receive two cards, and those two cards consist of a queen and three of any suit.
I got a San Francisco busboy..... a Queen with a tre (tray).
by spanky January 27, 2004
when POS just won't do, such as in the case of Jeff Pauls blazer
fuck, that blazer is such a POFS
by spanky July 10, 2003
It means you're gay.

Standard P45rant answer to all of lifes questions.
It means you're gay.
by Spanky June 11, 2004

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