76 definitions by spanky

What you say when something cool happens.
Someone smacks your ass.
by Spanky January 07, 2004
a good description for most of my farts
oo, nice bass fart
by spanky July 10, 2003
Employer of many many phillipinos.
Supplier of means to obtain Ricer mobile
by spanky July 30, 2003
it's what you say to whiny little brats who don't get there way
it stands for too fucking bad
kid: waaaah waaah! i'm an annoying little brat!! gimme ice cream!
me: we don't have any ice cream, this is an office supply store.
kid: waah, i really wanted ice cream tho!
me: TFB my man....
by spanky July 10, 2003
The space between a vagina and the asshole.
I was punding my girlfriend in the vag when i slipped across the rut and up her poop chute.
by spanky March 11, 2005
someone who farks
drew curtis
by spanky October 07, 2003

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