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The line of guys that forms when they're waiting to ejaculate as a group on the face of a woman.
*Somewhere in Japan nearing 5:00 p.m.*

Japanese Jeff: Gooooosh, I can't believe the back up of bukkake traffic here.

Japanese Pierre: It's like this every day during rush hour.
by spaghetti016 October 06, 2010
Somewhat self explanatory, a Slutmex™ is of Mexican descent. They are also quite slutty.
Gregory: "Say, Mathilda! There's a mighty fine stack of penises over there."

Mathilda: "Dios mio! Yo tengo muchos sexo con los pitos. Soy un Slutmex™."
by Spaghetti016 July 04, 2010
When you receive a handjob from someone (Male or Female) wearing a Hypercolor T-shirt.
Vince: This Zack Morris Handjob is reminiscent of the early 1990's.
Chris: It's all thanks to my Hypercolor t-shirt, and my extremely large hands.
by Spaghetti016 September 16, 2009
A word, when uttered aloud, will decimate any pre-planned social event.
Billy: Hey, Timmy! Do you want to hang out today!?
Timmy: Sorry, Billy, but I'm going to Paxton this weekend.

Billy: *Hopes and dreams ruined*
by Spaghetti016 September 12, 2009
When you stuff a Thanksgiving turkey with feces and bake it in the oven at 450° for 3-6 hours. Serve with traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. Makes a nice brown gravy for your mashed potatoes.

Serves 4-6.
Mom: Son, this bird turned out amazing! What's your secret?

Son: I'll never tell! Okay, I put poop in the turkey.

Family: This is the best Bulgarian Thanksgiving ever!

Studio Audience: AWWWWW!
by spaghetti016 October 06, 2010
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