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2 definitions by spacetrucker

When a man and woman are having sex 'doggie-style', with the man wearting a condom, and the man says,
"Oh look, a disappearing panda."
And when the woman turns to look at the man, he quickly pulls out, removes the condom and snaps her in the eye with it.
As in the previous example, which did not state the sex being engaged in was 'doggie-style',
"I can't believe how dumb she is. I actually pulled a Disappearing Panda on her last night."
by spacetrucker February 17, 2008
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Pronounced - ka-fodge-eny
A phalanx of tasks or duties coming at you all at once.
A disorganized load of items to sort and put away.
Anything happening in rapid succession so as to distract you from completing your objective, meeting your goal, or getting done with/at work on time.
"I wanted to get home for supper but the boss threw a caphogeny of stuff at me that he wanted done pronto."

"We started to unload the truck but every item was loaded in a mixed caphogeny and it took us four an a half hours to get it sorted out and finished."

"I got to work and was met with a caphogeny of stuff coming at me."
by spacetrucker April 12, 2008
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