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a bunch of whiny little bitches who try do do everything they can to be different but complain about people hating them for being different at the same time. boys were makeup just to freak ppl out. they always let everyone in the world know that they are sad. and they never do a fucking thing about their problem. oh and if they are self abusive they are usually doing it for attention you can tell becasue they let the scars be scene or even talk about em like its a cool thing to do
sadly the term emo and the music came from punk. namely the dc hardcore scene when it was called emotive hardcore and was realy just punk with whiny lyrics. now it has turned into a big buisness money making scheme. example my chemical romance one of the most famous emo bands. it features a 31 year old lead singer who actually has a song called teenagers about being a teenager. this is just a way to make money by relating to people in reality he cant relate too. yet emo kids are too stupid to notice

the cool emo kids are scene kids they know which music is fake and which isnt and they dont bitch complain and do those stereotypical pictures of themselves at an above angle looking down or creepily at the camera and posting it on myspace. they are often scene at punk shows hardcore shows emo shows and even ska shows.
emo kid "everyone makes fun of me cuz i wear makeup and dress different im gonna go cut"
anyone with half a brain: "stop looking for attention u dumb motherfucker if u dont want people to make fun of you for looking different dont look different dumbass eitehr you dress how u want and know people are going to hate u and stfu or u dress like wiggers or preps
by sp1ke May 28, 2008

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