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Basic Bible teaching
referring to those who were too smart
in thier physical lives
for thier own good
You live twice, you die once
you live once , you die twice
You're not born in the spirit?
You twice dead man
Get born again...QUICK!
by sozoman November 18, 2004
Meaning everything is ok, don't worry, leave it with me.
Also, I agree with you totally
An acknowledgment of a statement
Hello, how are you today
reply: Sweetazz
I want you to take care of this for me
reply: Sweetazz
I just bought a Ferrari
reply: Sweetazz
It cost $275,000
reply: Sweetazz
reply: Sweetazz
by sozoman November 18, 2004
The main content or theme to a posting on an internet blog site.
Todays blogject is......such and such.
by sozoman November 18, 2004
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