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noun - derived from Stacken Blochen:
a compulsion to stack, center, and otherwise arrange the sides of things at right angles, sometimes harnessed into a technique to making messy spaces *look* organized even when they're not, and sometimes simply the onset of OCD.
"Your apartment is so organized!"
"Not really, I just have excellent stackenblochen."
by soybomb May 31, 2005
verb: to mislead someone into seeing an image that is wholly unexpected and either offensive or nauseating, preferably both.

noun: anything that goatses someone.

origin: the website goatse.cx, which was itself a play on the words "goat sex," whose home page photo featured, well, you don't wanna know.
1: That tinyurl link he sent was goatse - it goes to some fetish site.

2: Dude, if you goatse me one more time I'm seriously gonna home row you.
by soybomb May 13, 2005
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