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4 definitions by southern belle

the best camp ever! where you get to stand on the tables and sing at meals, and instead of hello everyone says AHOY THERE! where its still cool to dance all night to beach music in a thing called "the cage" with the hottest boys in the south! (seagull boys of course) sailing is a must do and you always smell of the neuse...but its the best place on the crystal coast!
Girl 1: i wonder if there is a heaven on earth
Seafarer Girl: umm..duh! camp seafarer of course
by southern belle February 27, 2005
74 15
basically illegal shit, or things you have no business doing
Person 1: Your girl know you at the club tonight?

Person 2: I'm bucking the system, dude.
by southern belle July 19, 2004
19 9
Shut up, leave me alone, or you are too wrong see fall back
when someone is sayin somethin off-the-wall

Sit back!!!!!!
by Southern Belle February 23, 2004
8 8
crazy, off in the head
Person 1: Yeah man, your boy was acting a fool last night.

Person 2: That nigga gon
by southern belle July 13, 2004
11 52