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A place where mostly everyone in the town (unless your a scumbag or a hick) will admit to Woodstock and Kingston being better. Many are jealous of schools like Onteora and Kingston because they have a wider range of people who come from other places besides FUCKIN' SAUGERTIES. Everyone seems completely isolated from echother at the highschool. Smoking weed (which is completely accepted in Woodstock by stereotypes of all kinds) is seen as a scumbag activity due to the botards who are always near the trail
Myself: "Look at that nasty chick with the hoop earings rocking an ICP shirt. Why can't Saugerties have decent girls?"

Friend from Saugerties: "I have no idea dude, i'm ready to get the fuck out of here in about 2 years. Goddamn trailer trash"

Myself: "I wish i could walk through Saugerties without looking at a botard posted up at every corner. Don't these kids have better shit to do or is doing bad dye jobs and smoking Marlboros there life?"

Myself to friend who lives in Woodstock: "Wow dude your school is already having dope parties in 10th grade with cools who are actually decent human beings? How was the one last night?"

Friend: "It was sick, like 40 people from my school went. Definately a good night"

Myself to friend who lives in Woodstock "Damn man, at SHS your lucky to find 3 people partying together"
by soulsofmischief93 July 28, 2009

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