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A term used to describe a specific scene/character/device in an otherwise good movie/play/tv show which is boring, out of place, makes no sense or screws up the pacing. Used most commonly in musical theatre to describe a bad song or dance number.

It is derived from a scene in the 70's musical The Rocky Horror Pictures Showwhere one of the lead characters sings a five minute long uninteresting tourch song after having had sex with another character named Frank. It was completely out of line with the rest of the movie/play and was later cut out of the film. Although it remains in the stage verson and is still known as the worst song in show.
person 1: Man, that was a good movie but they were fucking frank durring that one scene. They should have cut it.
person 2: yeah, frank's ass was pretty soar at the end of that one.

person 2: the play is really coming together but I still feel like we are fucking frank in scene 8.
person 2: don't worry, we'll get it together before opening night.
by soulinite July 09, 2006
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