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friends that you are attracted to, that you flirt with and stay close to, so if in the future you're interested in hooking up there's the option to. this is very common while dating someone, and are usually the "just friends" that people cheat with.

Lynn: he's in florida though, so he'll just be a back burner relationship, cause my attention is focused on Will.
Alicia: yea, so then when Will turns out to be an asshole you'll have someone to fall back on.
Lynn: or just hook up with.
#temporary boyfriend #friend with benefits #just friends #cheating #back burner
by sotrue October 16, 2005
anything said while intoxicated that may or not be true. this is similar to a drunk dial in that in can be embarassing or emotional. anything said while this drunk also runs a high chance or being blacked out (forgotten) the next day.

often associated with the phrase "a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts".

unfortunately, the likelihood of truth varies from person to person.
HIM ::slur words:: "i love you. i really do. and ill remember this tomorrow, i swear. id mean it even if i wasnt drunk."
ME "yea, we'll see. i think its just drunk words."
#drunk dial #tiesto drunk #lies #drunk talk #confusing
by sotrue October 15, 2005
When someone openly admits to being a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
John: Is he a total brony or what?
Amanda: I'm not sure. If he is he's hasn't come out of the stable yet.
#bronie #brony #my little pony #pegasister #rainbow dash
by SoTrue February 29, 2012
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