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Rumors are stories and or statements that are generally circulated without confirmation or certainty as to facts. Sometimes it is hard to tell who started the rumor, who believes the rumor, or who heard the rumor but they are false 89% of the time. People often ruin reputations by these vicious rumors and the reason why they spread them is often unknown. You really shouldn't listen to rumors because you often look stupid if the information you received was false or wrong.
Girl 1: so i heard aven gave quan head in the girls bathroom during 5th period.
Girl 2: aven gave quan head girl?
Boy 1: aven sucked up quan? says who?
Girl 1: braaaaandon!
Boy 2: aven sucked up brandon and quan? when?
Girl 3: aven fucked brandon!? hes dating ole girl.
Girl 1: she fucked brandon?
Boy 3: whos she?
Girl 1 Girl 2 Girl 3 Boy 1 Boy 2: AVEN!!!
Boy 3: she a ho.

Boy 3 to aven: so rumor is you fucked brandon and topped off quan.
aven: yeaaah? keyword there was RUMOR. you cant believe all rumors.
by sorrytosay September 03, 2010
Commonly misused because of the lack of knowledge. You mostly hear it as an insult for young women said by women and or men based on the limited knowledge they have on the female's sex life. (which by the way is nobody's business except that young lady's and whoever it includes] But it is actually "Ho" and not "Hoe". But ho is just a shortened form of the word whore, which is a woman who sells herself to people for a profit, which is illegal. It is NOT somebody who has a healthy sex life.
Girl: "i HEARD jessica had sex with jon, omari, and quan."
Friend: "maaaan she a hoe!"

Jessica walks by: "haha, yeah? you HEARD?"
by sorrytosay September 03, 2010
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