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when some one comes up with a slang word you say urb it. meaning put it on urban dictionary.com

variations may include urb that, urbify it, urbify that, urb that shit. etc.
person 1:Eww i gotta clean out my doutche.

person 2: what's doutche?

person 1: its that stuff under your toenails.

person 2: oohhhhu shout urb it.
by soroush is gay February 20, 2008
That stuff that gets under your toe-nails.

pronounced (dooch)

its funny cuz it sounds like dooche. and kutche and gooche
I gotta clean out my doutche its starting to smell...
by soroush is gay February 09, 2008
a tag

you can put anything as a tag, ur a tag/arman
by soroush is gay February 09, 2008
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