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An amazing guy who's handsome, smart, loving, and a gentleman.
Paul Delos Reyes
by sora aoi love June 04, 2011
Adorably goofy, weird, and a try-hard.

Although he's also good at other sports he dominates in soccer. He skateboards, runs track, and is a gamer.
Cedric: Yeah!
me: what?
Cedric: ope, no you're garbage!
me: wtf?
by sora aoi love June 04, 2011
-a Philosopher of sorts
-tends to drop beats
-rhymes flow from his tongue constantly
-intelligent but lazy
-works out a lot
-African American aka BLACK
-loves BBQ
-into Asian chicks
-knows many languages (Korean, French, English, Sarcasm, etc)
-really chill guy
*a guy is spilling some sick rhymes* "Dude he's totally an Elisala."
by sora aoi love June 04, 2011

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