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A person, most likely black who says, or actually votes for Obama, just for the simple fact that he is part black.

Tyrone "Shoot, Im voting for obama"

Fred "Why?"

Tyrone "Just cause...."


Fred "What a Democrack head."
by sopoorsoblack August 21, 2008
a nigbro is a black version of a white bro, which usually holds the same or similar definition as a flatbiller, 909'er or brah.

a nigbro does not have to be from the 909, but a nigbro does infact, HAVE to be from southern california, and black. Catch them sportin the latest and greatest tillys gear. Famous, Tapout, Volcom, Split or any other trendy white brands. Dickies shorts/pants are a must. If not dickies, they must have cargo pockets. House slippers are beginning to be very popular in the bro family. Bleached hair and big afros under a tight fitting flatbilled hat is very original. They usually carry bandanas. Gangsters please be advised, these are not flags even if worn on the left side "yeah thats the crip side." Please, if you see a nigbro do not bust a cap in their asses, instead great them with dap.

A nigbro is also considered, an inside out wigger

They like mayonaise, and get sunburnt.
"whos that black dude in the Etnies sweater?"

"Oh, thats my nigbro Nick, I met him in zero period surf class at bolsa, he's cool people."
by sopoorsoblack May 16, 2008
A new age way of using the word black. It is used for both color, and color of skin. Plain and simple. There is no set amount of L's you can use in the new age version of the word, but I must inform you, the more L's used, the better.
"are you bllllllllllllllllllack?"
by sopoorsoblack June 26, 2008

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