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2 definitions by sophie kowalyk

actually the best chicken substitute money can buy. especially when purchased from Morrisons in Cromer. one amazing meal can be conjured up from kievs. try it.
kid-whats for tea?
mum-chicken kievs and chips
kid-fuck the chips bitch, just give me kievs you hoe/slut!
by sophie kowalyk October 21, 2007
a truly fucking amazing word.
pineapple means something that is out of this world. ie - chicken kievs. something so unbelievably great, it hurts.
Man- these kievs are quite substantial.
youth- yes mate, dey iz propa PINEAPPLE!
Man-i quite agree.....
youth- BOSS!!!!!!! WIKIDY WAK! BO!
by sophie kowalyk October 21, 2007