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Quite possibly the coolest symbol ever drawn but that asshole Hitler had to take it and it is now associated with Nazism. That sucks incredibly because if I ever wanted to have a symbol for whatever organization I had I would choose that but I guess that Hitler thought the same thing so now if I draw it (because it is fun to draw) everyone calls me a nazi.
Stupid Nazis had to take the swastika geez why couldn't they have chosen something stupid like a circle with a penis in it or something.
by soopahman March 26, 2007
An idea that most black peopl have. They believe that since something happened to their ancestors over 100 years ago that everyone owes them some kind of a favor. Even thought they didn't feel the pain, even though the slavery issue was more than repayed by the millions of lives lost in the Civil War, even though the government has lost billions of dollars because of "affirmative black action." They still don't think it's enough. What about other ethnicities who have had injustices done unto them? Do Irish people act like the British owe them something because they enslaved their people and even raped certain hair colors out of their race? Do jews act as though every single german person is responsible for the Holocaust ,something infintely worse than slavery? the answer to all of these is NO!!! they havelearned to let go and act like human beings because it is in the past!!! Now get over it black people.
Black Person:Yo yo yo, you white. you owe me favor cuz' I black, and uuuuuhh slavery was......bad.

White Person:What exactly do I owe you for something that happened over 100 years ago and I had no part of?

Black Person:uuuuuuuhhhh...

White person: Well?

Black Person: uuuuuhh... slavery bad

White Person: Yes, slavery was bad.

Black Person: uuuuuuuuhhhhh...yeah

White person: Right, he has a black man complex (walks away)
by soopahman March 25, 2007

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