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any surgical procedure that is practiced on a hobo, prior to a real person, in order to protect the safety of mankind.
this woman needs breast implants, better do a hobotomy first.
by soopadickman November 26, 2003
4 hotdogs and 6 eggs (scrambled) cooked into one massive omelet. Commonly made by unemployed students.
Tom: "Man, I am friggin starving and I have no money."
Dave: "Better make a hot doglet."
by soopadickman November 09, 2005
A person who has mastered the sacred art of dating. Commonly used in the plural form to describe those who are proficient in having the best dates EVER!
Emily: Tom is the best masterdater I've ever seen!!
Kris: OMG!!11!1
by soopadickman July 30, 2006

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