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An angry dragon of death is when a girl is giving u head and ure about to bolw, you shove her head as far down your cock as possible and make her gag, wen she gags she will vomit and and the vomit will be most likely orange representing the fire of a dragon. Once she has stopped vomitting stick ure cock back in ure mouth and u will recieve the look of the dragon of death.
I gave this chik the angry dragon of death last nite, im am now scared to ring her back.
#angry dragon #fire breathing #gag dragon #angry drunken skunk #angry face
by soonbo August 15, 2006
The biggest penis known to mankind, could crush a womens vagina with one thrust.
thats one big dick,
yeh man thats blackzilla
#masiive cok #big dik #the god #colesy #mandingo
by soonbo August 17, 2006
A sack wacker is a person who enjoys delivering fatal shots with a fling of their hand to the genital area. The aim of sack wacking is to make the person cringe with pain and vomit. When sack wacking it is important to laugh after u have just sack wacked or it will be uncounted. The best place to some one is preferably on the left testicle, this will cause most pain.
Colesy is the king of all sack wackers, he never misses.
#sak wak #ball slap #nob tap #dik slap #zinga
by soonbo August 17, 2006
A poo tickler is when u shuv ure finger in a person ass and wiggle it around, tickling there poo. Caution this may cause sum stimulation
I gave jessica a poo tickler last nite, she loved it, was laughing for hours.
#shit tickler #poo toucher #wiggle stick #nigga finger #shit finger
by soonbo August 17, 2006
A barricuda is a different name for the shocker, commonly used in Australia. Known as 2 in te pink 1 in the stink. Any aussie that performs this act is a legend
Geeze did u hear colesy pulled off the barricuda on his girl last nite, wat a fuckin legend.
#shocker #the shocker #the freak #2pink1stink #oooo barra
by soonbo August 17, 2006
A 2 dollar dung ferrit is a person who has a big enough gap in there teeth to put a 2 dollar coin in the gap. This person also usually has bad hygiene hence the dung ferret.
Michael grace is 2 dollar dung ferret
#two gaps dog #gappi #big gap #feral cunt #gapster
by soonbo August 18, 2006
A dick Chop is a real dick head. Ap erson who gets on your nerves and wont go away
Fuck ryan is a dick chop, i wish he would piss off.
#dick head #meat flute #dick #dickroll #nutbag
by soonbo August 15, 2006
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