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The act of using ones elbow cleavage to provide physical sexual stimulation of the penis.
She is weird, she didnt want to have sex or even touch it with her hands so she just gave me a bojob.
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
An area in which many pits, pock marks, craters, dents, or dimples are found.
Dude her butt was suffering froms evere pittage.
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
Noun; A homosexual person of the jewish faith.
"wow that rabbi's purple robe makes me wonder if hes really a jewjifruit."
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
The area of cleavage on the inside of the elbow that forms when your arm is bent at a 90 degree angle or closer.
I dont want to touch it with my hands so Ill rub it with my bovage.
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
Noun; slang term for a person from the south or who speaks with a drawl.
That guy livin in the woods down is alabama is a real akyuck alright!
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
noun; fecal matter that when forced from the anus by the rectal muscles appears to have the consistancy of foam, or a milkshake.
Did you see that 2 girls 1 cup clip, she let loose a floamer!
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
the crease that forms between two rolls of fat.
She gave me a rolljob with her rollvage!
by sonofabird July 10, 2008

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