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1. Referring to something that has a high chance of returning and exceeding the original investment made, especially financially.

2. An athlete that is particularly talented, and will most likely do well in the next level, usually used to refer to high school players entering the college level.


1. A token that is a color of blue used in gambling; it is usually round and given the value of ten.
1. It makes good sense in an economic decline to only invest in "blue chip" stocks, companies that have been around for a while, have shown a growth in profit even with this depression, and that one believes will be around when they retire.

2. This basketball player is consider to be a "blue chip" point guard; because, he broke many of the state records for both offense and defense in his position, lead his team to multiple state championships, shows good knowledge for the game, and has a good attitude about him.

1. Ten white chips equals one "blue chip."
by sonicfalcan January 05, 2011

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