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3 definitions by sonic death

a bastardisation/strange pronunciation of the term assfucker...originally spoken by geoff
dude 1-hey look i love to play with my magic cards
geoff- you arsefecker
by sonic death September 06, 2003
2 4
an exclemation emited by a peice of shoddy machinery when it has just broken
*SPONK* uh oh....that didnt sound good
by sonic death September 03, 2003
14 27
an obvious mis-spelling of a type of australian tree known as the forrest gum
tree dude 1- hey look at that forrest gump
tree dude 2- you mean forrest GUM??
tree dude 1- of course
frustrated metalhead- GAAAAAARGH
by Sonic Death September 06, 2003
15 95