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5 definitions by songwriterz

The fear of or dread experienced by sitting in or just thinking about sitting in a chair or seat that has been warmed by someone else's butt cheeks.
Tom: "Bob, why are you standing up at your desk?"
Bob: "The IT guy was just here installing new software on my PC. I'm waiting for my seat to cool off."
Tom: "Dude - you've got a bad case of glutealthermaphobia!"
Bob: "Hey - maybe I just don't like sitting down in someone else's butt-sweat!"
by songwriterz December 02, 2011
Everything is okay. Taken from Condoleeza Rice's account of a feared biological poisoning that took place during George W. Bush's presidency. While waiting for test results she was told by an assistant "if the mice are feet down" (meaning the mice were up and walking) then they would live. If the mice were feet down - they were dead.
"Dude! I heard you got seriously poisoned by the school food today."

"Nope. The mice are feet down. I'm doing just fine.
by songwriterz November 02, 2011
A simile/idiom similar in meaning to "one man's trash is another man's treasure" only, in this case, it means that what is funny to one person may be offensive to someone else.
Tom: "Man, I told this hilarious joke last night. Everyone laughed but Bob. He was a douche and said the joke was offensive."

Dick: "Don't worry about it, dude. One man's LOL is another man's WTF?"
by songwriterz May 08, 2012
The male version of a Prima donna (a person regarded as egotistical, unreasonable, and irritable, with a rather high opinion of themselves not shared by others.) Usually applied to sports stars.
Football Fan #1: Has Brett Favre announced his plans for the upcoming season yet?
Football Fan #2: Nope. He's being a real prickadonna. He won't tell anyone what he plans to do; just what he doesnt WANT to do.
by songwriterz July 27, 2010
Logging into a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace just long enough to check for updates before immediately logging back out. Usually done to prevent a boss, spouse, or child from observing your activities.
Sorry, can't chat right now. Just prairie dogging it so the boss doesn't catch me using Facebook on office time.
by songwriterz May 22, 2009